Developing ideas for a digital world.


LEWT Lazy Enterprise for hackers Without Time


A tiny accounting tool for hackers, I built this to help me manage my business and to learn some more Ruby. LEWT can help you manage expenses, invoice customers, generate reports and much more! It is written in Ruby and can operate both on the command line and as a drop-in library for your applications.

GOL Create some shapes. Watch them evolve.


GOL is a JavaScript implementation of John Conway's Game of Life experiment. It runs in browser, see here for a demo. You can also see this in action on the homepage of this website.

LinkedIn Data Engine LDE


This is a PHP application I built to help with my friend Philip Schneider's master thesis. Philip was researching the effects of corporate networking on early stage venture capital funding and start-up success rates, to accomplish this I built him this data engine which effectively sets up a survey system with which participants must authenticate using there Linked In account. Once authenticated LDE quietly goes about gathering their network data for later analysis. The data is particularly suited to analysis with a tool like Gephi.